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Hi, I'm Tanjii!

your go-to gal for everything life coaching.

I see you. You're ambitious. You’re driven. You've got big dreams and an even bigger heart. But right now, you're feeling stuck. You're overwhelmed, doubting yourself, not sure which way to turn. Despite all the potential bubbling inside you, you might be thinking: "Am I really enough? Can I really make this happen?"

I'm here to tell you: You are. And you can.

My name is Tanjii Cole, and I’m a business strategist, entrepreneur, and creativity expert. I believe in the power of passion, kindness, and hustle. And I’ve dedicated my career to guiding driven individuals like you to unlock your full potential, and create a life that you absolutely adore. Because, yes, that’s possible!

Why should you hire me as your life coach?

Well, I've been where you are. I've experienced the ups and downs, the doubts and the triumphs, and I've come out stronger on the other side. I've honed my expertise over the years and have helped countless clients transform their lives.

With my signature blend of practical wisdom, intuition, and empathy, I'll help you tap into your inner strength, overcome limiting beliefs, and unleash your full potential. Together, we'll create a life that aligns with your passions, values, and goals.

Your journey of growth and transformation starts here. It's time to become the person you were born to be. You deserve a life of joy, abundance, and fulfillment. And I’m here to help you create it.

how it works?

To kick things off, we'll dive into a heart-to-heart chat, a place where we really get to understand one another, unravel your deepest dreams, and feel out if we're the dynamic duo set for your personal evolution.

Next, we'll embark on a personalized coaching journey, where I'll play the role of your chief encourager, guiding you through the necessary life transformations to help you manifest your dream reality. Envision me as your partner in growth, your sounding board, and your touchstone for all things related to personal development and life fulfillment. It's all about you, and I'm here to help you shine your brightest!

Together, we'll ensure you're feeling empowered, invigorated, and like the magnificent star you truly are. So, what's holding you back? Let's get moving on this path to a more fulfilled, joyous you!


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ignite her

Ignite Her is a transformative 4-week journey designed to help you ignite your inner fire, embrace your strengths, and set the foundation for personal growth. Through mentorship, and community support, you'll discover your voice, build confidence, and ignite your full potential.




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unleash her

Ready to step into your power and amplify your message to the world? The Empower Branding Program is your comprehensive solution for creating a powerful brand that reflects your unique voice and empowers you to make a lasting impact.



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empower her

Are you looking to inspire and empower your audience with a captivating speaker who can ignite passion and drive change? Look no further than Empower Her speaking engagement services.


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Frequently asked questions

How is life coaching different from therapy or counseling?

While therapy and counseling primarily focus on addressing past traumas or mental health concerns, life coaching is future-oriented and centered around personal growth, goal-setting, and creating positive change in various aspects of your life.

What if I don't have a clear goal in mind?

That's perfectly okay! One of the roles of a life coach is to help you clarify your goals and aspirations. We'll work together to explore your values, passions, and areas of improvement, and create meaningful goals that align with your vision for a fulfilling life.

How long do I need to work with a life coach?

The duration of coaching varies depending on your individual needs and goals. Some clients find value in short-term engagements to address specific challenges, while others prefer longer-term partnerships for ongoing personal growth. Together, we'll determine a timeline that works best for you, and you can always reassess as you make progress.

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"Tanjii empowered me to overcome challenges, discover my true potential, and create a fulfilling life. Her guidance and support were invaluable, and I'm forever grateful for the positive impact she had on my journey."

Jessica Jones


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"Tanjii helped me discover my true potential, set clear goals, and navigate challenges. Her unwavering support and guidance transformed my life. I'm forever grateful for the positive impact she had on my personal and professional growth."

Keshia Crawford



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Money back guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a

7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

about Tanjii

From a corporate queen to a sassy soul-whisperer, Tanjii’s journey has been a rollercoaster of self-discovery. She swapped her pain for passion and power lunches for empowering chats, choosing to guide others to shine their brightest.

She is dedicated to assisting you in discovering ways to integrate positive habits seamlessly into your daily routine, all while ensuring that you never have to compromise the things that bring you happiness.


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